L’Épicerie Locale, Solidaire & Éthique

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Being a member of the organisation implies fully agreeing with the status and the internal rules. This document is only a summary of the documents above mentionned, consequently it cannot be accused in case of dispute.


How does it work?

I order what I want on the website: http://else.polytechnique.org and I pick my order the day it is delivered (or shortly after) during the opening hours.

What is an «ELSE account �?

I have an ELSE account on which I can leave money, so that I don't have to pay each time I order something..

It is forbiden to be in the negative on your ELSE account. THeoretically, this can lead to a small fine(RI, article. 2.2.2). In practice, we are kind, but don't play with it!

I have heard that every order should be paid ...

If I cannot pick my order on the day of the delivery, I can ask it to be kept aside until I come. Otherwise, it will be sold to other members.

However, if we don't manage to find someone to buy what you had ordered, you will be charge for it even though you cannot come and pick it.

Becoming an active member

We are looking for volunteers to open the grocery, transfer the orders to the suppliers, tidy up the shop, talk about us, organise pick-nicks, ...


Organisation « Loi 1901 » ?

ELSE is a non-profit organisation, open to students and staff working on the campus.

Bcause of its status, the organisation cannot pay its members. They are all volunteers.


The keywords leading the spirit of the grocery are: local consumption, ethic, responsibility, exchange, sustainable develpment, quality.

Membership fee and trial period

New customers will have to pay a membership fee only when the total amount of their orders exceed fifteen euros. The membership fee is 3, 5 or 7 euros, according to the status of the member (RI, art. 1.3).

Elections, decisions and responsability.

To ensure a democratic functioning, a general meeting is help each year (at least). It is important to come if you can!

The managing board is elected during the general meeting and makes the important decisions for the organisation (choice of the suppliers, important expenses, ...).

A "bureau" is elected by the managing board to deal with the daily life of the organisation. Don't hesistate to talk with us if you have any question/problem :)