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Orders and membership

Even though we call it a grocery, ELSE is not a shop you come in and buy whatever you want whenever you want. So that we can handle the stock of goods, the perishable goods and the accounts, you need to order what you want to buy on our website.

Here is how you should preceed:

  1. Browse the list of available goods and fill your cart.
  2. Order by validating your cart.
  3. Once the order has been sent to the supplier, it is marked as validated on the website.
  4. After the delivery, come to the grocery store and pick your order during our opening hours.
    Remember to inform us if you cannot pick your goods the day the delivery arrives. Every validated order is to be paid, unless you could find an other member who would like to pay and get it.


Do I have to pay a contribution before I order?

While the total amount of your orders does not exceed 15€ , you don't need to pay any contribution.
Any person wanting to order on a regular basis must join the organisation by paying a contribution, with a yearly renewal. The contribution is set to 3€ for students, 5€ for the staff working on the campus, and 7€ for groups of people, student organisations, ...

When should I validate my order?

When and how can I pick what I have ordered?

You will be charged once you have picked your order, never before. You should come and pick your fresh fruits and vegetables the day they are delivered, that is on Wednesdays.

And the other days?

You can always come during the opening hours to look at our products, buy dry products, help us or simply say hello ... Thursday is the day we begin to sell the surplus: you can come to the grocery and buy what is left, without having ordering anything :).

What should I do if I cannot pick my order on Wednesday?

Contact us by email or come to the grocery store on Tuesday. We will keep your order apart if you are sure you can come and pick it before the end of the week.

How can I help the grocery running?

You regularly need volunteers to help us distribute the orders, clean the shop or for the maintenance of the website. Don't hesitate to tell us if you want to help, you will be most welcomed!

How can I unsubscribe?

All you have to do is tell us. All the money on your personnal account will be refunded, for example by cheque.